Derby City Jeep Club By-Laws

Name of Club and Logo


This organization shall be known as Derby City Jeep Club (the abbreviation DCJC will be used interchangeably with Derby City Jeep Club.) The club website is The official logo is to be used by members only. The Derby City Jeep Club banner is “Neuropol” font with “Jeep” in Arial Black font.





Derby City Jeep Club is a family oriented club for Jeep enthusiasts located in and around Louisville, Kentucky. DCJC is a non-profit organization; originally organized in April of 2013 for the purpose of social, recreational and educational activities designed to foster the enjoyment of off-road vehicles while protecting and preserving our natural resources. Derby City Jeep Club is committed to safe, responsible four wheeling and adherence to the principles of Tread Lightly™.



Membership and Dues

All Members must be Jeep owners or the partner/immediate family of the owner. All members must be at least 16 years of age.

Each membership includes the member, and his/her immediate family who reside in the member’s home. Immediate family may accompany the member to club events. However, voting power and ability to hold an executive position within DCJC are restricted to the member.

All club members will conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner during all club events/activities.

Membership dues shall be $50.00; $25.00 to be paid by January 31st and $25.00 to be paid by June 1st of each year. All dues are payable direct to the club’s Treasurer via cash or check into the club’s account. A receipt will be provided for all monies paid into the club’s account. Dues for members who join after January 31st will be prorated based on the month they join. A family membership is also available for $75.00 for family members with 2 Jeeps that both plan on participating (ex. Spouses who each own a Jeep and each plan on participating in events.)

Any member who fails to pay the agreed upon club dues may have his/her membership suspended until the payment is received. A reminder will be sent one month prior to dues expiring. If dues have not been received 30 days after the due date, the member will be deleted from the DCJC Directory, and will no longer be considered a member of Derby City Jeep Club. At the discretion of the Steering Committee, a dues payment may be postponed due to extenuating circumstances.

All membership candidates must complete an official Derby City Jeep Club application and submit it for approval prior to becoming a member.   DCJC reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant without explanation.

Any club member who is called to Military Service (both Federal/State) will remain a member in good standing with his/her membership on hold for the duration of the time the member is away. Upon return from active duty he/she is considered an active member again, will begin paying dues for the next year, following a prorated paid membership equal to the number of month(s) the member was deployed.

Prospective members must attend at least one monthly meeting to apply for membership. In addition, all prospective members are required to read and adhere to the club bylaws.

Members who wish to remain in good standing must attend at least 1 monthly meeting per quarter and 2 trail rides/events per year. Failure to do so results in expulsion from the club and forfeit of all dues. Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances but must pass a vote by the club populace.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Derby City Jeep Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, and/or age. Any substantiated cases of discrimination are grounds for immediate termination of club membership.


Monthly Meetings and Events


Official club meetings will be held the 3rd Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM. The locations of monthly meetings change quarterly and are voted on in January of each year.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, meetings and trail rides are subject to change.


At least (1) trail ride and/or activity will be planned for each month, as the schedule allows.


At least (2) Charity events per year will be scheduled. All member participation is appreciated.



Conduct and Activity Rules


All members must conduct themselves in in a respectful and orderly manner. Any member not doing so may be subject to dismissal. A formal complaint may be brought, in writing, to any Steering Committee member to prompt a vote for dismissal. Any dismissal vote must be unanimous. In the event of a conflict of voting interest with a Steering Committee member, that Steering Committee member’s vote will not be counted. If a club member is dismissed for any reason, they forfeit any dues paid to DCJC.


Members will be held accountable for the actions of their guests.


Any Derby City Jeep Club member possessing a firearm during any club activity does so at their own risk. All members carrying a weapon must follow all Local, State, and Federal laws regarding the carry and use of such weapons.


Misconduct involving firearms are grounds for immediate termination of club membership and will be reported to local authorities.


Trail leaders will be appointed for all trail rides, and must be respected as such.


Do not travel in unauthorized areas. Tread Lightly™!


Pets must be controlled by owner and on a leash.


Do not litter! If you haul it in, you haul it out!



Vehicle Requirements


All vehicles regardless of year, make, or model must have proper safety equipment and maintained in a safe manner.


All operators must have and possess a valid driver’s license.


Fire Extinguishers, First-Aid Kit, and a proper tow strap are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for every vehicle participating in a DCJC trail ride.


A Roll cage or factory unitized roll protection structure as well as a safety belt for every passenger is required on every vehicle. No Exceptions.


A spare tire within two inches of the diameter of the vehicle tires is suggested for every vehicle on a trail ride.


Front and rear tow points are mandatory and CB Radio is Highly Recommended for all vehicles on a trail ride.



Waiver of Liability


Any member or non-member of Derby City Jeep Club who participates in any event affiliated with Derby City Jeep Club does so at his/her own risk. He/she does not hold the club, its officers, and/or the administrator liable for any injury, loss, damages, or death that may occur due to such participation.


It is understood that club events having to do with operation of one or more vehicles pose potential harm to persons and property, and it is understood that members and non-members participate at their own risk.


IMPORTANT NOTICE While trail riding, if you venture on an area not marked or a closed area, and an officer of the law issues you a ticket, or an arrest or confiscation of your vehicle occurs, liability is bore solely by the owner or person doing the action. Derby City Jeep Club (nor its members) are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle. Personal property in vehicles is solely the owner’s responsibility.

Club Website and Forum


No one person shall have sole control of the website. At minimum, Steering Committee members will have administrative passwords to the forum.


The club’s website is to be used for the purpose of the collaboration and education of club members. Any content posted on the club’s social media page or forum that does not reflect the family oriented club values or is deemed offensive will be removed.


Personal disputes will NOT be aired on any club websites/blogs/social media pages/forums. Use of the club site shall not be for the purpose to degrade of belittle other club members, members of their families, or other organizations. If a member feels that another member is in violation of the codes and ethics of the club and is unable to resolve their disputes directly, that member is to present their concerns to the Steering Committee for review and consideration.


Club officials with administrative rights to the site shall have the right to immediately remove the access of any member violating the ethics and values of the club on or off of the website. Disputes to this action will be heard an voted on by the Steering Committee in a closed meeting with the option of including the disputing member. All membership dues shall be forfeited if its determined access is not to be restored.



Dispersion of Club Funds


Any expenditure of funds will be voted on during a club meeting by the members of the club.


A minimum of (3) estimates/proposals shall be gathered for the work determined to be beyond the capability of club members. All estimates/proposals shall be posted on the club website one week prior to voting. A majority vote of the club members shall award the work. Club members and their families are not eligible for paid work. Club members whom may have a conflict of interest are not eligible to vote.


The treasurer will provide the club’s financial standing at each monthly meeting and discuss each dispersion and/or receipts.


The annual budget shall be presented to the club at the January meeting for the correct fiscal year. A majority vote of club membership is required to approve the budget.


In the event of the disbanding of Derby City Jeep Club, all club funds shall be donated to such charities as directed by club officers.



Steering Committee


The steering committee is comprised of “leading” members as voted on by the members at the beginning of each year. Steering Committee members shall serve a (1) year term, but are not limited to the amount of terms that can be served.

Steering Committee members are required to “steer” the club with input from the members for planning events, making club purchases, organizing trail rides, and conducting meetings. The steering committee will step in to vote executively if a resolution cannot be reached in any issue with the clubs members.


Steering Committee members will act as a moderating resource for club disputes as well as sponsor/vendor relations.


All Steering Committee members must attend at least 75% (9 total) of all monthly meetings. In the event that an elected Steering Committee member fails to meet his or her attendance responsibility, the President will address with a direct discussion of the issue with the member. If the attendance requirement is not immediately corrected, the President will call for a vote of the club to appoint a replacement for the Committee member. The appointed member will serve the balance of the term until the next scheduled elections.


One member of the steering committee will be appointed to take and post minutes on the forum promptly after each meeting.





The President is a member of the Steering Committee and serves as Chief Volunteer of DCJC. The President provides leadership to the steering committee and encourages strategic planning.


He/she assists in appointing members of Steering Committee to tasks or activities the club will be hosting or planning.


The President monitors financial planning and works with the treasurer to assist in financial reporting.


He/she formally evaluates the performance of the Steering Committee and informally evaluates the effectiveness of the Steering Committee members.


The President evaluates annually the performance of the club in achieving its mission.


He/she shall serve a (2) year term, but is not limited to the amount of terms that can be served. This position will be voted on at the beginning of the year, at the same time as the Steering Committee vote.





The Treasurer is voted on at the beginning of the year and serves a (2) year term, but is not limited to the amount of terms that can be served.


He/she is to maintain an organized and itemized list of incoming and outgoing monies associated with the club. He or she should be prepared to report the status of the club’s funds and report purchases and income at monthly membership meetings. The treasurer should be someone everyone in the club agrees can be trusted with money and be good with the allocation of funds.


  1. Is a member of the steering committee
  2. Manages finances of the club
  3. Attend all monthly meetings (prepare the President to discuss financials in his absence)
  4. Maintain knowledge of the club and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.
  5. Educates him/herself in financial accounting for non-profit organizations
  6. Present the annual budget to the club for approval
  7. File the club’s taxes annually with the IRS.


Offices of the President, Treasurer, and Steering Committee are strictly volunteers. Derby City Jeep Club will not pay any member to carry out functions of the club. If the club can substantiate that any member of office is not fulfilling their duties, a replacement can be nominated and brought to majority vote.


Amendments to the By-laws

The By-laws of Derby City Jeep Club may be amended pending approval of club officers and members. Any disputes with a proposed amendment shall be settled by a majority vote. There will be only one vote per member in good standing. Proposed amendments shall be posted on the forum five days prior to the vote.


Ultimate By-law

Have Fun. Drive a Jeep!

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